Magnetic Signs

Why Magnetic signs?

Magnetic signs allow your business information to be quickly and easily placed on any vehicle, and removed just as easily. This has a number of advantages over directly-applied vinyl graphics, for example the signs can be reused if the vehicle is sold, and they can be removed when not required (when using the vehicle for personal use for example).

One major benefit of the magnetic signs over the directly-applied vinyl is the ease in which they can be put on – you can lay them onto a vehicle without assistance, and remove them just as easily. While the directly applied vinyl does allow for a bigger amount of coverage, they do take time to fit correctly and should be done professionally, and once fitted they are permanent. Magnetic signs however, require no special skills for application and removal.

How do they work?

As the name suggests, magnetic signs are held in place by magnetic attraction. The entire backing of the sign is made from a magnetic material, while the front is a hard-wearing plastic onto which the vinyl lettering is applied. The magnetic force is strong enough to keep the sign attached to a flat panel (the side of a van, a car door etc) and they can be easily removed by hand when required.

Who can use them?

Anyone can! Magnetic signs are ideal for those who want a simple to fit, professional looking sign that has the added benefit of being removable for the times when the vehicle is not being used for business purposes.